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Country: Madagascar
4th largest Island in the world
Top ten poorest countries in the world despite having considerable natural resources

Capital: Antananarivo

School Location: Anivorano Nord in the Diana Region in the most northern part of Madagascar

Population: Approximately 20,000 inhabitants
There is a lack of primary and trade schools in the region

Dialect/Primary Language: Malagasy, Second official language French

Current School: The Garden of Success

  • Ages 3-4


The Garden of Success School was founded by director, Mr. Francisco Maurice, Maventy Health International Manager.

Previously, the local school containing one chalkboard, was in a bamboo structure that was in rudimentary condition. There was no electricity or running water.

Mr. Francisco started The Garden of Success School on October 10, 2011 with 10 students and 4 teachers.  It began with one class for the upper grades – high school.

In October, 2013 the school grew to serve 3 and 10 year old students with two kindergarten classes, one primary school class, and one class for upper grades – ages 10 and up.

Every year since, they have served students kindergarten to high school.

Currently, there are approximately 500 students and 20 teachers.


A school with 14 classrooms and the first trade school in the community.
Estimated budget: $50,000


To fund a new building for the Garden of Success School for students ages 3-25 with better infrastructure and better learning environment.

The school will begin with basic literacy skills and continue to teach trades such as mechanics, cooking, sewing, and life skills. The school will encourage daily attendance and full schedule. The daily curriculum will incorporate health education relative to the community health challenges. The emphasis on nutrition, hygiene, and family health will function as preventative care.

Mr. Francis believes that by helping young people that are illiterate "we will fight against the gangs and crime. Where there is a will there is a way. We hope that everyone in the village will have jobs."

The school will be the first in the village to provide professional training centers where children will grow into proud, productive and healthy members of their society.

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